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Personnel Changes in State Secretariat Are Probable

(Rome) Pope Francis will create fourteen new cardinals on June 29th. Eleven of them will have the right to participate in a conclave. A not insignificant personnel shuffle could further strengthen Francis' position at the Curia

Among the future wearers of the purple is also Curial Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu, commonly called Angelo Becciu. Attention has been focused on him since Sunday. All substitutes of the Vatican Secretariat of State since 1833 became cardinals, but none as a substitute.

Future Cardinal Angelo Becciu

The assumptions are therefore based on a new task for the future Cardinal Becciu, especially since the relationship with Cardinal Secretary Parolin is not the best. Nonetheless, the order - first cardinal creation, then rearrangement - is unusual, and a promotion of the neo-cardinal still does not remain as a foregone conclusion. However, such a situation. increases in probability.

It is certain that the new office must be of rank and prestige. A purely decorative dignity, as Pope Francis assigned to the unpopular US Cardinal Raymond Burke, by making him Cardinal Patron of the Sovereign Order of Malta in November 2014, is out of the question. Becciu stands too high in the favor of the incumbent church leader.

On June 8, another Angelo, Cardinal Amato, completed his 80th birthday and will be retired by Francis as Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. The likelihood is very great that this could be the appropriate office for Becciu, one of the nine venerable Congregations of the Roman Curia, the highest among the dicasteries.

Who will be the new substitute of the Secretary of State?

But who will follow Becciu as a substitute, the second most important office in the Vatican State Secretariat?

Future substitute: Charles Scicluna?

For this post another man is named, who, like Becciu, has already acted as special envoy to Francis. If Curial Archbishop Becciu, as papal ambassador, steered and supervised the development in the Order of Malta, whose Grand Master had been forced by Francis to resign, Francis sent Bishop Charles Scicluna to America as Special Envoy in the case of Barros. The case is not over yet. It is said that Francis, however, was satisfied with Scicluna's work.

The Sardian Becciu and the Maltese Scicluna have in common that both are doctors of canon law. While Becciu entered the diplomatic service of the Holy See after attending the Vatican diplomatic academy and most recently Apostolic Nuncio to Cuba, a country for which Francis showed interest and sympathy, Scicluna worked as a professor of law and a judge. From 1995, he served on the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signatura and from 2002 as Promotor Iustiae of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, where he dealt with Delicta graviora, such as sexual abuses committed by clerics.

In October 2012, Benedict XVI appointed him. as Auxiliary Bishop of Malta and at the same time a member of the Congregation of the Faith. Pope Francis made the Titular Bishop 2015, Archbishop of this diocese. As he had loyally served Benedict XVI., he seamlessly transposed the controversial post-synodal writing Amoris laetitia in the sense of Pope Francis, granting the remarried divorced access to the sacraments in the island republic of Malta. Through Archbishop Scicluna, Malta became the first state to introduce the new Francisean interpretation of marriage, penitential and altar sacraments in the context of marriage.

Whether as a Special Envoy or as a Metropolitan, Scicluna earned in a way that is appreciated in Santa Marta.

Noisy rumors suggest that he would soon return to the Vatican as the future substitute of the Secretary of State and Head of the General Affairs Section of the State Secretariat.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Today Savanarola Was Burnt at the Stake

Edit: today, he was burnt at the stake in Florence. It was a nice spring day. At the very least, you could say that he was severely punished for his troubles. It’s a much more glorious end than being cyber-bullied to death by an obese fruitcake of a “catechist” or being sued by the Vatican’s gay law firm.


Monday, May 21, 2018

Papal Praise for Fake News at La Stampa's Religion Site, Vatican Insider

(Rome) Last year, the Vatican bureaucrats started hunting for InfoVaticana, the largest independent Catholic news platform in the Spanish-speaking world. Allegedly because it leads with the Vatican in its name. With a letter from Pope Francis to the multi-lingual news platform Vatican Insider, the Vatican provided proof that it was only an excuse.
The Vatican Secretariat of State sent a warning to the operators of InfoVaticana, the Spanish professional journalists, last year. The news site, according to the accusation, operates by naming  itself "Vatican" in the name of unfair competition through misleading advertising. The Vatican is serious. The State Secretariat appointed Baker & McKenzie, one of the top 10 global law firms, to take legal action against InfoVaticana. Cannons were used to shoot sparrows, said Gabriel Ariza and Fernando Beltrán, founders and operators of InfoVaticana .

Logo development of InfoVaticana since the outbreak of the legal dispute. The compulsion to "neutrality"
They see the real reason for the unusual Vatican approach in their basic attitude and the pope-critical reporting. The independent platform has in the past published critical accounts of certain acts and statements of the ruling Pope, as well as of Spanish bishops, including the Archbishop of Madrid appointed by Pope Francis.

Cardinal Sarah Sees Promotion of Married Clergy as an Attack on Tradition

Curial Cardinal warns at a Pontifical High Mass for a Chartres pilgrimage: When the sacrament of Holy Orders is given to married men ("viri probati"), it leads to serious consequences and a definitive break with the Apostolic Tradition

Chartres Vatican ( "Dear brothers in the priesthood, always keep this certainty: to be connected to Christ on the cross, because priestly celibacy gives witness in the world! The resumption by some of the efforts to separate celibacy from the priesthood by giving the sacrament of ordination to married men ('viri probati'), which, as we have said, 'for pastoral reasons or necessities', leads to serious consequences, a definitive break with the Apostolic Tradition. Then we would establish a priesthood according to human criteria, but not continue the priesthood of Christ, obedient, poor and chaste. In fact, the priest is not just an 'alter Christi', but he is truly, ipse Christ: ‘Christ Himself! Therefore, the priest who follows Christ in the Church will always be a sign of contradiction!" Curial Cardinal Robert Sarah told the pilgrims in Chartes / France at a Pontifical Mass. Sarah is Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Order of the Sacraments.

Almost 12,000 pilgrims came to the traditional Pentecost pilgrimage to Chartres.

Trans: Tancred

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pope: “God made you gay”

[ Info Vaticana] In an interview in the newspaper EL PAIS, the media spokesperson for the victims of Karadima recounts his private meetings with Pope Francisco: "Juan Carlos, that you are gay does not matter. God made you like that and he loves you like that and I do not care. The Pope wants you like that, you have to be happy with who you are. 

Spanish text:


Friday, May 18, 2018

New Cardinal Appointments Before the Summer Break

(Rome) Rumors are gathering in Rome that it might soon come to the convening of a consistory to create new cardinals. Cardinal appointments always mean a redesign of the elective body for a possible conclave.

Next Saturday, a decent consistory will take place, where, according to Jan Hendrik Stens (Domradio), "surprises might be possible". Currently, according to the electoral code for a conclave, which provides for a maximum of 120 papal electors, five elective seats are free. Pope Francis could forgive these and keep a few more "already in stock,” as in the course of next year, five more seats will become vacant. On June 8, two weeks after Pentecost, Angelo Cardinal Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, will celebrate his 80th birthday. For now, it's all about the announcement of new Cardinal appointments, which could take place on Saturday.

According to rumors, Francis could already accept the not yet vacant seat of Cardinal Amato and announce the creation of six new cardinals, who would also be papal electors. As a result, no seat will be vacated until 30 January 2019 (Aberto Cardinal Suarez Inda, Mexico). Cardinals automatically retire as papal electors at the age of 80. The Pope has two options for appointing six new electors before the summer break, or waiting for almost a year to create eleven new papal electors. 

If Francis, for the time being only rumors, announces on Saturday another consistory with cardinal appointments, the. the 28th of June, the day before the celebration of the apostolic princes Peter and Paul, will be the most probable day. The festival is what the Romans call the "feast of the pope".

Urge to quickly change the voting body

The likelihood that Pope Francis will not wait, but will create new cardinals in the coming weeks is very high. Overall, his pontificate tends to appoint new cardinals as soon as possible. There is a certain urge to find the fastest possible conversion of the voting body. Since Francis at the same time has discounted episcopal seats, which were traditionally associated with the purple dignity, he increased in comparison to his predecessors, his personal scope to appointments of his free choice. Both aspects, the hurry and the greater scope, obviously have his successor in the sights. Francis repeatedly spoke of wanting to initiate "irreversible processes". This only seems possible because his pontificate lasts as long as possible, or he creates an electoral body, which ensures a Bergoglian successor.

Both variants contain imponderables. As Pope Benedict XVI. surprisingly prematurely ended his pontificate, which - as it turns out - could have continued until today, had gathered to the conclave an electoral body, which had been largely appointed by him. The publicly known opponents of his pontificate made up barely a tenth of the papal electors. Nevertheless, it was this minority that took the book in hand, so that it came by the choice of an outsider to great surprise.

Currently, the College of Cardinals has 214 members, 115 of whom are also papal electors. There are 99 cardinals over 80 years old. If life expectancy continues to increase, they could soon become the majority. At the latest then, a review of the age limit should be on the agenda. It was not until 1970 that Paul VI. introduced what constitutes an arbitrary interference with the suffrage and powers of the cardinal college.

The Argentine question

One of the rumors currently circulating in Rome is one concerning Argentina, home of Pope Francis. Since April, the emeritus of his main counterpart, Msgr. Hector Ruben Aguer, Archbishop of La Plata, is expected to complete his 75th birthday on May 24 and offer his resignation to the Pope according to the Canon Law. There is speculation that Francis will immediately accept the resignation of his opponent to make his confidant, the former rector of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, Msgr. Victor Manuel Fernandez, the new archbishop of the second most important diocese of Argentina - and at the same time, cardinal.

Fernandez is Bergoglio's eyeball since his time as Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Already there he was his speechwriter and has acted since the conclave of 2013 as a papal ghostwriter. Other voices say that Francis could conceal the retirement of his Argentine counterpart by making Msgr. Aguer a cardinal at the same time. The latter, however, seems less likely, as Aguer could have a say in the choice of a Franciscan successor for another five years.

His successor as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Msgr. Mario Poli, Francis immediately raised in the first cardinal selection of his pontificate in the church senate.

Altogether, Pope Francis has appointed 49 of the current 115 pope voters. Soon it could be 55 out of 120.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Riscossa Cristiana
Trans: Tancred

Pope Receives Resignation of All Chilean Bishops

Edit: he should resign too since he protected abusers in his own Diocese, and promoted enablers like Marx and Daneels to positions of prominence. This is absolute hypocrisy.


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Seminarians of Paris Get to Know Immemorial Mass of All Ages

Seminarians of the seminary of Paris decided in their vast majority to want to know the Immemorial Mass of All Ages
(Paris) 80 seminarians of the Archdiocese of Paris have recently attended Holy Mass in the traditional form of the Roman Rite on February 2nd, at the Feast of Candlemass.
At the feast of Jesus in Templo and Purificatio Mariae, an unprecedented event took place in Paris. The Archdiocesan Seminary of Paris is the largest diocesan seminary in France. On 1 February, the seminarians attended an educational day at which they were introduced to the traditional [real] form of the Roman Rite in the Parisian church of Saint Eugène-Sainte Cecile by the priests working there, the canon lawyers Abbé Marc Guelfucci and Abbé Éric Iborra. Saint Eugène-Sainte Cecile is a parish of the Archdiocese of Paris. Both priests teach at the same time as professors at the archdiocesan seminary.
Holy Mass at the Feast of Candlemass  
The Abbot of the old ritual Benedictine monastery of Le Barroux, Dom Louis-Marie de Geyer d'Orth, then celebrated with the seminarians in the church of Saint-Louis-en-l'Île, dedicated to the French King Louis the Saint, at Holy Mass in the so-called extraordinary form, as Pope Benedict XVI. explained it in the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum .
After decades of harsh rejection and exclusion of the traditional rite, especially in France, where the intra-Church conflict was particularly marked by a strong traditionalist movement, there are signs of rapprochement. This is also evident from the fact that it was the seminarians who, in their absolute majority in the academic year 2017/2018, wanted to study the traditional form of the Roman Rite and the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, although, according to Corrispondenza Romana, it was not due to attempts by the diocesan authorities who had failed in the formation of priests to dissuade them.
"The reality is different, and tells of a renewal of the Church, in France and elsewhere, thanks to the traditional orders and communities that attract vocations and now also attract the attention of the future diocesan clergy."
The Benedictine abbey Le Barroux, from which the celebrant was called, goes back to a foundation of Dom Gerard Calvet (1927-2008). The Benedictine rejected the liturgical reform of 1969/1970 as a serious break with tradition and returned as a hermit in the French Alps. After companions joined him, he began in 1978 in Le Barroux with the construction of the monastery.
He maintained close relations with the Society of St. Pius X, founded by Archbishop Marcel, but this did not follow in 1988 on the path of episcopal ordinations not permitted by Rome. He broke the link with the Society of Pius and accepted the offer of the Holy See for reconciliation. His old rite community was canonically recognized by Rome, followed in 1989 by Calvet's deference. Dom Louis-Marie de Geyer d'Orth has been the second abbot of Le Barroux since 2003.

Although the seminary of the Archdiocese of Paris is the largest diocesan seminary in France, the largest seminary in the country, with more than 100 seminarians, is that of the Saint Martin Community, where, in contrast to the diocesan seminaries, the seminarians as in the seminaries of tradition, wear the cassock (vestis talaris).
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Riposte Catholique / Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

41 Year-old Mother of Six Murdered in Satanic Ritual

In the Honduran capital, a woman's body was found.  According to authorities, she was the victim of a Satanic ritual
(Tegucigalpa) Her name was Lizeth Izguirre Torres. She was 41 years old and mother of six children. Their hometown was the Colonia Smith in the district of El Carrizal in Comayaguela (Distrito Central) in Honduras, Central America. She is the most recent (known) victim of Satanism.
The woman's lifeless body was found in a vacant Corralitos building in Distreto Central.
The corpse sat kneeling in the heel before a kind of altar. There was a dagger in her chest. The whole body was "framed" by inverted crosses. There were clear symbols in the room. 

According to experts, a ritual was performed on the woman, and that of "very competent persons in the matter." The speculations go in the direction of occult, satanic rituals to "supernatural powers" or to gain the "favor of demons."
Tarot cards, black candles and a note with the English text lay next to the woman's corpse:
"With the power that the spirits of darkness have granted me, and for all that they have given me, today I offer my soul to Satan."

The crime scene
Witnesses are said to have seen the woman entering the building with five other people.
According to family members, on the morning of May 5, Lizeth Izaguirre Torres was forcibly dragged into a car and abducted. The vehicle could be identified by the police. The abduction took place in the Colonia Smith of Comayaguela, the hometown of the woman, when she left a grocery store. The body was found in the evening in the Corralitos area, near La Tigra National Park.
Comayaguela in the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa in the Distreto Central. The local people are concerned. Near the crime scene there are several schools, a hotel and restaurants. The municipal authorities were asked by citizens to demolish the building. It used to be a bilingual educational institution. The owner is INPREMA, the National Teachers Training Institute.
The mother leaves six children between the ages of 22 and 4 years.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

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The Connection Between Amoris Laetitia and Intercommunion

Blondel's "Philosophy of Action" as a common thread between Amoris laetitia and inter-communion for Protestants.

(Rome) The fundamental theologian Alfredo Morselli, pastor of the Archdiocese of Bologna, who since his ordination in 1986, celebrates only in the immemorial Roman rite, wondered whether the admission of remarried divorcees who are in the state of serious sin because of their concubinage is in effect, a"Trojan Horse" to introduce inter-communion with the Protestants. The theologian is convinced of an inner connection between the controversial post-synodal writing Amoris laetitia and the now discussed inter-communion with the Protestants.

At the center of the current discussion is a decision by the German Bishops' Conference last February to grant communion to Lutheran spouses of Catholics as they share the Church's understanding of the Eucharist. This decision was reflected in the DBK guideline "Going with Christ - Tracking Unity. Confessional Marriages and Joint Participation in the Eucharist."

A minority of thirteen bishops voted against. Seven of them turned to Rome for clarification as to whether such a move was compatible with ecclesiastical doctrines and sacramental ordinances.

Since 2015 it became "obvious in which direction the Pope is pushing"

Last Thursday, May 3, Pope Francis invited representatives of the majority and minority to Rome to discuss the outstanding issues with the responsible Roman dicastery chiefs. According to Don Morselli, the decisive factor in this is the Pope's answer that the German bishops should reassemble themselves and speak about the question until they find a "possibly unanimous" position. Cardinal Willem Jacobus Eijk, archbishop of Utrecht, has already found fault with this papal response as "completely incomprehensible." Although the Catholic doctrine is "very clear" in the matter, Pope Francis did not fulfill his duty to clearly affirm the doctrine.

The Pope's recommendation, according to Don Morselli, should be read in the light of his response to a Lutheran woman in Rome on 15 November 2015, asking Francis if and when she could receive communion with her Catholic husband.

The most important part of the long papal answer was:

"But a pastor's friend told me, 'We believe that the Lord is here. He is present. You believe that the Lord is present. What is the difference?' - 'Well, it's the explanations, the interpretations ... 'Life is bigger than explanations and interpretations. Always refer to baptism: 'One faith, one baptism, one Lord,' Paul tells us, and so draws the conclusions. I will never dare to give permission to do so, because it is not my competence. One baptism, one Lord, one faith. Talk to the Lord and go ahead. I dare not say more."
It was "obvious in which direction the Pope is pushing," says Don Morselli. The decision should be left to the conscience of the individual. Francis gave the impression that the difference between Catholics and Lutherans was only a question of formulation ("We believe that the Lord is present here, you believe that the Lord is present"). The rest is only a question of "explanations and interpretations" : "Life is greater than explanations and interpretations."

Blondel's philosophy of action

The theologian Morselli sees behind this and other formulations of Francis, the thinking of the Frenchman Maurice Blondel and his philosophy of action. The truth no longer corresponds to the objective nature of existence, but to the lifeworld that man "makes" himself.

Morselli recalls that St. Thomas Aquinas teaches the exact opposite, and the Congregation condemned such theses of a pragmatic relativism that claims that "truth is a progressive adaptation of intellect and life according to the experiences and needs of action", in 1924.

Don Alfredo Morselli

Against this background, it is clear that there is a red thread connecting inter-communion with Amoris laetitia. On the one hand, in dogmatic questions, a primacy of life over doctrine is asserted and, at the same time, in moral questions a primacy of life over the object of action. In fact, the true life of faith needs clear instruction and moral life clear guidance as to whether an action is good or bad in itself. Otherwise, "a false primacy of a false life will result," says Don Morselli.

It follows automatically that life can never be a lie. The lack of agreement of one's own life with the truth, which can be seen from the objective nature of things, leads to "life lies." It is true that life is greater and more than the principles of the councils. But it is equally true that without these "explanations and interpretations" no real Christian life is possible.

Therefore, there is no possible "communion" (society) with Jesus and the Church possible if communion is lacking in faith because of the lack of the necessary approval for doctrine. Don Morselli in reference to the words of Pope Francis:

"A gesture that expresses something false is not a, 'life that is greater than explanations and interpretations,' but a lie."
Papal clerical for German bishops

"The Pope's response to the German Protestant was, in order to pick up an illustration from football, a rough draft for the German bishops, so they shoot the ball of inter-communion into an unprotected goal. The Pope even provided a double aid, as there is also a paragraph in the Joint Declaration on the Common Catholic-Lutheran Reformation Commemoration, which was signed on 31 October 2016 in Lund, Sweden," Don Morselli said. It says:
"Many members of our communities yearn to receive the Eucharist in a meal as a concrete expression of full unity. We experience the pain of all those who share their whole lives but can not share God's saving presence in the Eucharistic meal. We recognize our shared pastoral responsibility to meet the spiritual hunger and thirst of our people to be one in Christ. We long for this wound to be healed in the body of Christ. This is the goal of our ecumenical efforts. We wish them to progress even as we renew our commitment to theological dialogue. "
It attracts attention to the unusual pathos, said the fundamental theologian. Pope Francis employs a pathos when he wants to initiate innovations ("Listen to the people's cry"). But then something unexpected happened. The team, in whose goal the ball should have passed, kicked the ball, although the goalkeeper had been set off the field, to the defenders in between.

"The Neomodernists did not manage the goal."

And further:
"The papal invitation to the German bishops to find a unanimous agreement could be understood as an invitation not only to find some common solution, but a solution sought by the pope. But it could also be interpreted in the sense that the Domradio in Cologne did: 'Roma non locuta - causa non finita!'
The Bergoglian Roma, "did not manage to score the decisive goal. The game is still open. With prayer and sacrifice we support the little remnant, the few German bishops, whose numbers are small, but whose hearts are all the greater for this ... and we always remain in the trusting expectation of the promised triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Vatican.News/Church Militant (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Priest Says Amoris Laetitia Was Conceived to Normalize Aberrosexuality

Editor's note: This analysis has been written by a priest who asked that it be published anonymously over concern of being disciplined for raising concerns about a papal document. 

May 14, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – I said it right from the beginning, when Amoris Laetitia was first published, with its infamous Chapter 8 that allows individual conscience to trump objective moral law and thus effectively eliminate the notion of intrinsic moral evil: The real issue is not Holy Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried. After all, Pope Francis had already streamlined the annulment process, to allow declarations of nullity which were generally easy to attain, to be even easier. The real issue is all about sodomy, and normalizing — even blessing — this behavior called by the Catechism “intrinsically disordered.” In what follows, I’ll try to “connect the dots” in order to clarify the bigger picture.

Recall that no. 50 of the first draft of the document for the first synod on the family in October, 2014 stated that, “Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer the Christian community,” and then asked if our communities are “capable of . . . accepting and valuing their sexual orientation” – implying those who practice homosexual behaviors have special “gifts and qualities” over and above everyone else, and that their same-sex attraction — called by the Catechism “objectively disordered” — should be “accepted and valued.” (1)

Although this language never appeared in Amoris Laetitia (AL), the fact that it was inserted into a preliminary working document with Pope Francis’s approval and was then read to the assembled bishops in his presence, is most telling. This language provides a key to understand how Chapter 8 of AL has been interpreted, so as to allow not only those in second civil marriages (and committing adultery) to be admitted to Holy Communion, but also those in same same-sex unions (and engaging in sodomy) – as long as they are “accompanied” by a priest, engage in “discernment,” and follow their “conscience.” (2)

Read further at Lifesite:


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Knights of Columbus Dismisses “Grand Knight” for Being “Inappropriate”

Edit: read closely. He wasn’t fired because he led a notorious life, but because he was open about it. Had he kept his degeneracy private, he would have been OK! Even so, they’re going to have a hard time making this stuck. We imagine that someone soon will cave. Perhaps the Porno-Kardinal of Vienna will intervene to mediate? If they’re not going to dump Masonic members for belonging to thenLodge, there’s probabaly not much hope for them here, either.

MANCHESTER, N.H. ( - A New Hampshire Knights of Columbus chapter is getting slammed for upholding Church teaching that homosexual acts can never be approved.  
Andrew Keyes, former Grand Knight of Saint Anselm College Council #4875, recently resigned after Andrew Cilento, a fellow Knight, complained that Keyes brought his boyfriend to a Knights formal on March 16. The complaint was leveled against the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus in New Haven, Connecticut, and Fr. Benedict Guevin, OSB, the chapter's chaplain.  
In a statement to the Hilltopper, an unofficial school newspaperCilento defended his complaint saying, "It was inappropriate for Mr. Keyes to hold a leadership position for a Catholic organization while being in a relationship that is contrary to the teachings of Holy Mother Church." 


Immigrants Engage in Brutal Attack in Belgium

The attackers resorted to stones and knives to torture their victims.

[Tag 24] As the Polish news site Interia reports, two Poles were recently attacked during the night from Wednesday to Thursday and brutally beaten. This has also been confirmed by a spokesman for the Belgian police.

The two victims were taken to hospital. One could be released soon. The other man has suffered such severe head injuries that he still needs to be treated. He was not in mortal danger.

The two Poles (25, 26) are employees of a company in the port of Zeebrugge. When they were walking around Blankenberge around 4 am, "they noticed three immigrants trying to get into a truck," Interia says. The Poles shouted at the migrants and drove them away. Apparently they had prevented a truck hijacking.

But a few meters away, the three migrants of unknown origin lurked for the Poles. They first threw stones at them. When a Pole fell to the ground, they threw themselves upon him with a knife and gave him dangerous blows to the head. When his colleague attempted to help him, they also blocked him.

The immigrants were able to flee unrecognized. The police spokesman said that they are probably "illegal immigrants" who "probably wanted to go to the UK". There is currently a police search. The police have also warned the population not to act on their own and inform the police instead.


Monday, May 14, 2018

Afghan Inmigrant Attacks Pregnant Woman with Knife

In Bessheim, Hesse, there jas been a bloody attack between two relatives. A 23-year-old Afghan injured a pregnant woman with a knife.

A heavily pregnant woman was attacked in Bischofsheim in the district of Groß-Gerau in Hesse with a kitchen knife and seriously injured.

As a police spokesman told FAZ.NET, the quarrel between a 23-year-old Afghan and his 38-year-old niece escalated. The alleged perpetrator is supposed to Have then fled, but was be arrested a short time later by the alarmed officials.

The background of the dispute is still completely unclear. The victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. According to the latest information, her condition is stable. The unborn child was unharmed by the knife attack.

 Trans: Tancred


Vatican Wreckovates Pantheon

(Rome) 1409 years ago one of Rome's most famous monuments was converted into a church. After just as long a period, almost 50 years after the liturgical reform of 1969/1970, a fixed, so-called altar was erected and consecrated.

On May 13, 609, the Catholic Church Sancta Maria ad Martyres was established from the Pantheon of Emperor Hadrian, the pagan temple dedicated to all the gods.

Pantheon in Rome

The transformation was part of a comprehensive Christianization of Rome. Christianity had overcome paganism. The Christians, who were repeatedly subjected to bloody persecution during the first three centuries of the Roman Empire, hesitated for a long time to adapt the pagan temples to the Christian cult. They waited until the pagan belief in the gods had largely died. Only then did they consider it possible to take over the idol temples. More than 1400 years ago, the solemn purification, the lustration, of the Pantheon took place in this context under Pope Boniface IV (608-615).

The "Pantheon" is a tourist magnet. If you want to see the sights of Rome, you will not miss this building, which will soon be 2050 years old. On Sundays and public holidays regular mass celebrations take place, as well as yesterday for the Solemnity of Ascension and at the same time consecration of the church. While the official website of the tourist attraction did not mention it, a reference to the website of the basilica was found in the days before. The 1409th consecration day should also mean a profound intervention in the presbytery.

The new people’s altar

As usual, the Solemnity was celebrated at 10.30 am yesterday by Canon Mgr. Salvatore Genchi. There is a collegiate staff attached to the basilica, the only surviving one in Rome alongside those at the four Patriarchal basilicas. The pastor is the Italian military bishop.

The main altar so far

However, at 4 pm another Mass, celebrated by the Pontifical Legate, Monsignor Angelo De Donatis, Vicar General of the diocese of Rome, was followed with "the consecration of the new bronze altar in the 1409th year of the consecration of the Basilica.”

Yesterday, a fixed, so-called "people's altar" was consecrated, thus creating that altar duplex with the main altar, which became the strange "characteristic" of the liturgical reform of 1969/1970.

The intervention was quiet and silent, which is why it is not known which representative of the competent office of monuments gave his consent to make the main altar on which over many centuries numerous saints, popes and priests celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass "superfluous" or it may be used to disguise the view. It is a true repression. The altar of the people was erected so close to the steps to the historic main altar that it was made practically unusable for a celebration in the traditional form of the Roman rite.

The artistic statement of the new national altar is described on the Basilica Internet page. In addition, the Apostolic Exhortation Gospel of Gospel is quoted by Pope Francis:

"It is good that every catechesis pays special attention to the ‘way of beauty’ (via pulchritudinis). To proclaim Christ is to show that believing in him and following him is not only true and just, but something beautiful that, even in the midst of trials, life can be filled with new splendor and deep happiness. In this sense, all expressions of true beauty can be recognized as a way to help meet the Lord Jesus. It is not about promoting an aesthetic relativism that could obscure the indissoluble bond that exists between truth, goodness and beauty, but to regain the esteem of beauty in order to reach the human heart and in it shine the truth and goodness of the Risen God” (Evangelii gaudium, 167).

"Shocking exorcism

On May 13, 609, as can be read in the papal annals, Pope Boniface IV carried out a "shocking exorcism" of the pagan temple before he proceeded to the solemn consecration of the basilica. The temple had been transferred to him the year before by the Byzantine emperor Phocas (602-610). After the outer purification, the gates were opened and the Pope entered the temple, which had not been entered by Christians until then. "An immense crowd" attended the event. The chronicles tell of frightening noises and terrible screams that came from within. The demons and idols "yowled horribly" because they were aware of being driven out. The Pope prayed and consecrated the building to Christ, so that the demons flew out of the old temple amid tumultuous noise.

The new people’s altar

The mystic Anna Katharina Emmerick (1774-1824) also saw in a vision the cleansing and transformation of the Pantheon into a church.

In remembrance of the time of the persecution, Boniface IV consecrated it the Basilica of Our Lady and all the martyrs. In addition he left many relics of martyrs, the tradition reported 28 cars full, under the now repressed main altar. From the formerly gilded bronze ceiling of the dome, Pope Gregory III. (731-741), Gian Lorenzo Bernini 1624-1633 created the nearly 30 meter high canopy above the tomb of the Apostle Prince Peter and the Pope's altar in St. Peter's Basilica.

The basilica houses famous artists, including Raphael. There is also the burial place of the kings of united Italy.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: santamariaadmartyres / MiL (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

“Catholic” University Promotes “Polyamory”

Edit: Catholic faithful complain, University administration does nothing. It’s getting to be a familiar refrain. The only thing they understand is money, and they seem to get an endless supply by overcharging for their “services”. The local ordinary will be silent, also, we guess.

[Campus Reform] DePaul University recently hosted an informational event on polyamory at its LGBTQA Resource Center.
A flyer for the “Polyamory Pause” event described the event as “a dialogue on open relationships and polyamory.” 
"Like, I can't make up my mind what I want to eat at Chipotle, like, how am I supposed to commit to one person, right?"    
The event sought to “dig past the surface conversation surrounding polyamory and open relationships” and examine “the ways soisl [sic] identity impact the conversations and the embodiment of open and polyamous [sic] relationships.”

Holy See Engenders Nothing but Defeat

Cardinal: “The Holy See always encourages surrender, everywhere.”

Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen, talking to Al Jazeera, called Pope Francis’ deal with China a “betrayal, evil and a sellout”. Francis wants to recognize the Chinese Regime Church. According to Zen, a majority of the state bishops are “slaves of the Communist regime” who really have – quote - “no faith”. Zen told Al Jazeera that – quote – “the Holy See always encourages surrender, everywhere.” He points out that – quote - “many people in the universal church may lose their faith in the pope."

Cardinal Kasper Keeps Making Confusion

The Anti-Catholic Cardinal Walter Kasper has claimed in an interview with Vatican Insider that Second Vatican Council’s decree on Ecumenism Unitatis Redintegratio (8) basically allows Protestant Communion. In reality, the passage speaks about “worship in common” and says that this “should not be considered as a means to be used indiscriminately for the restoration of Christian unity.” Worship in common has always been understood as assisting at a liturgy and not as receiving Communion.

Do The Same With Jews/Moslems And All Hell Will Break Loose

Although the recent Met Gala in New York made fun of the Catholic Church, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan participated in it. Piers Morgan wrote about this in the British Daily Mail – quote, “If the Met Gala was Islam or Jewish-themed, all hell would break loose – so why was it OK for a bunch of flesh-flashing celebrities to disrespect MY religion?” About the fact that the Vatican participated actively in this, Morgan replies, “What the hell was the Vatican thinking?”

Christian Holocaust in the Middle East

The Christians of the Middle East may disappear within ten years according to the Syrian-Orthodox Bishop George Saliba. 70% of the Christians have left Syria after the beginning of the under-cover aggression of the Western Regimes against the country. Since the American assault on Iraq, 85% of the Christians have fled the country. At the same time, Saliba notices that the West is about to become atheistic or Islamic.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Previously Unpublished Texts by Benedict XVI on Human Rights

Former Pope urges in essay 2014: Replacement of human rights for the concept of God "ends in a nihilistic 'right' of man to deny himself"
Vatican City ( From the perspective of former Pope Benedict XVI. faith in God is the best foundation for the concept of human rights. At the same time, however, he also qualifies these so that man can not and should not reverse them. These are the essential statements of a previously unpublished text by Benedict XVI, which will appear recently in a new book with selected contributions and speeches of the emeritus Pope on the subject of faith and politics. [And a forward by Pope Francis.]

The essay "The Multiplication of Rights and the Destruction of the Legal Concept" was a response Benedict XVI. (2005-2013) penned in autumn 2014 to a book written by the Italian philosopher and politician Marcello Pera. In his book "Church, Human Rights and the Abandonment of God" is about what happens when "the concept of human rights is replaced by the concept of God," wrote Benedict XVI.

He summarizes his analysis of Pera as follows: "The multiplication of rights ... ends in a nihilistic 'right' of man to deny himself," Abortion, suicide and the "production of a human being as a thing" would then be regarded as human rights "which deny him at the same time."

Joseph Ratzinger / Benedict XVI. had already contributed to Pera's books in 2005 and 2009. The now published statement is in the form of a letter to the philosopher and longtime Forza Italia politician. In it, the emeritus Pope initially dealt with the topic of human rights in papal teachings. After their condemnation in the 19th century, the encyclical "Pacem in Terris" by John XXIII. (1958-1963) took a turn.

However, the topic of human rights has become especially important in the thinking of John Paul II (1978-2005). In their obedience to God, the Pope from Poland saw the first Christians' resistance to the claims of absolute power of the Roman Emperor, an early Christian justification of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These in turn were for him, a suitable instrument in the fight against the ideologies of National Socialism and Communism.

The new volume "Freeing Freedom - Faith and Politics in the Third Millennium" [In English, "Faith and Politics" by Ignatius Press] with political texts and speeches by the theologian Joseph Ratzinger and later Pope Benedict XVI. will be released worldwide next Monday (5/14.). In Italy he has been trading since Thursday. The German version is published by Verlag Herder.  The foreword was written by Pope Francis.

Trans Tancred

Saturday, May 12, 2018

More Violence in Hospitals Since the Migrant Invasion in Vienna

Staff representatives in the well-known Viennese Wilhelminenspital have raised the alarm: drawn  knives, threats, insults and brawls have increased since the migrant movement in 2015.

Vienna ( "The violence in the hospitals in Vienna has increased since the migration movement in 2015. No one dared say it so far."   Heinrich Schneider, the staff representative in the well-known Viennese Wilhelminenspital, explains this for Krone. Schneider now demands that only one accompanying person be allowed each patient. Schneider explained that in the ambulances, when Austrian people have come for medical reasons, there are always riots. Then there would be drawn knives, threats, insults and brawls.

"We need signs in German, English and Arabic that only one additional person per patient is allowed." he explains. Also more security employees have become necessary, according to Schneider. He also wishes that refugees be educated about how the home health system works. The sentence "I do not want to be treated by a woman" is common. "Doctors are not accepted, arrangements questioned or not followed."

Trans: Tancred


Friday, May 11, 2018

Pope Foe Retires in Argentina — Replaced by Pope’s Speech Writer?

Archbishop Héctor Ruben Aguer

(Buenos Aires) The Archdiocese of La Plata responded to recent media reports with a statement that Archbishop Hector Ruben Aguer, the Argentine compatriot of the Pope, had already submitted his resignation to Francis for his 75th birthday.

Everything has already been decided, according to the report by the daily El Día on 9 May. Archbishop Aguer has offered his resignation and his successor, titular Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez, is ready.

The Archdiocesan  Press Office said on the same day that Canon 401 of the Code of Canon Law requires bishops to offer their resignation to the Pope at the age of 75. It is up to the Pope alone to decide if and when he accepts this resignation.

"Meanwhile, Mgsr. Aguer continues his usual work without changing the agenda he has defined. "
The statement does not seem to deny the media reports at first sight, but it does provide a clarification. It notes that Archbishop Aguer will not turn 75 until the 24th of May. In other words: the claimed resignation request does not exist yet. Only at the age of 75 will Msgr. Aguer, "as prescribed in the aforementioned canonical provision", submit his resignation petition to the Pope.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio with Victor Manuel Fernandez

By the end of April, media reports had surfaced that one of Pope Francis' closest associates, his ghostwriter Victor Manuel Fernandez, had resigned from the post of rector of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina to become the new Archbishop of La Plata.

Archbishop Hector Ruben Aguer is considered to be Pope Francis' most important anti-church opponents in his native Argentina (see Bergoglios Lonely Opponent - Where no Bells rang on March 13, 2013), Or.

Archbishop Aguer was Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires at the same time as Jorge Mario Bergoglio. At the end of his life Cardinal Antonio Quarrancino, the archbishop of the Argentine capital, favored Bergoglio and not Aguer for his successor. The two auxiliary bishops held different positions, with those Bergoglios Cardinal Quarrancino was ultimately closer. While Bergoglio became Archbishop of Buenos Aires and thus cardinal, Aguer became archbishop of La Plata and conservative opponent of Bergoglios in the Argentine Episcopal Conference, where they led different groups.

After his election as Pope Francis dismantled the Aguer group among the Argentine bishops, but left Aguer himself in office. It has long been speculated in Argentina that Francis is just waiting for his opponent to celebrate his 75th birthday in order to emeritus him. Pope Benedict XVI. extended archbishops usually for at least two years in office. The appointment of Titular Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez as his successor would be an even greater humiliation for Aguer.

Francis is known to defend opponents of his office as a rule fast, while leaving party members generously in office.

Through the press release of the Archdiocese of La Plata, Rome was signaled that Msgr. Aguer would follow exactly the rules of canon law, but that he would not give the field of his free will.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: La Tercera / MiL (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Italian Philospher: “Pope Hires the Worst Betrayers of the Faith”

Edit: this isn’t entirely fair, the House Vaticanist, and Papal biographer, Andrea Tornielli was manifestly bad years before the Sankt Gallen Mafia put their man on the papal throne. He was already pushing Communion for the remarried and divorced at least in 2012. (It was thought he had a personal investment in the issue.)

[] The persecution of the Catholics inside the Church is growing stronger according to Monsignor Antonio Livi, a philosopher who served as a professor and dean at the Roman Lateran University. Talking to, Livi points out that Pope Francis accuses of “heresy” those who are faithful to the doctrine and fight confusion. Livi added that Pope Francis has put at the top of the Church – quote – “the worst heretics” and that he has his encyclicals written by – quote – “the worsts heretics”.

Catholics Are Persecuted in the Catholic Church

According to Livi, those who profess the integral Catholic Faith are now often forbidden to give talks, and their publications are hidden away in the Catholic bookstores. Quote: “All the official Catholic media in Italy ostracize the solid Catholic doctrine.” Livi further states that it has become “habitual” to sack theology professors for beeing “too Catholic.”

Bishops’ Newspaper Slams Its Long-Time Contributor

As an example, Livi cites Avvenire, the daily of the Italian Bishops which – quote – “hosts and exalts the worst betrayers of the Faith”. Livi criticizes this on the Internet and was furously attacked by Avvenire’s editor-in-chief Marco Taquinio although Livi has been a contributor to Avvenire for thirty years, at a time when Avvenire was still Catholic.

Supporting Pope Francis Is Profitable asked Livi how Andrea Tornielli who before Francis’ election was defending Catholic positions, suddently became Francis’ court journalist. Livi replied that Tornielli and others have made the “choice of convenience” in order to become “propagandists”. Livi commented that Tornielli became rich with this choice while, Marco Tosatti, who was working with him at the daily La Stampa, but resisted the temptation to join the Bergoglio party, is now poor. Livi adds: “I am also poor”. The Lateran University refused to pay a pension to Livi. This leaves him with a minimal state pension.


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

CDU General Secretary Wants Women Priests

Church Demo Expert

(Berlin / Vienna) The ecclesiastical demolition squad is on the move. The new President of the Pastoral Council of the Austrian Diocese of Linz, Wolfgang Froschauer, is in favor of "married and female priests.” The CDU General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, diocese of Trier, who, despite her age, is already strikingly reminiscent of Rita Süssmuth, calls for "Catholic priestesses" in the new edition of Christ & Welt. Above all, elite Catholics seem to know one thing, which is the opposite of Church doctrine and order.

Whether Kramp-Karrenbauer, who became CDU General Secretary only in February, is already considering a career alternative, is not known. After all, she could have "imagined herself becoming a priestess." More questionable is whether her remark was of a private nature or is it a meddling of politics in Church affairs.

The married Froschauer, since 2011, a permanent deacon, on the other hand, seems to feel quite safe to speak in his own right. As a trained theologian, he would rather be at the head of the parish than just parish assistant.

Frogauer for married and female priests

Froschauer does not have to worry about anything. He ventured only as far as his bishop has already gone. He is even a faithful servant of his Episcopal Lord. Bishop Manfred Scheuer, the steward of the decline, said shortly before Easter that married priests were his "hope".

Instead of keeping basic catechesis and, first and foremost, instructing one's own full-time bureaucracy in ecclesiastical doctrine and Church ordinance, makes big careers for professional Catholics with feeble faith among some bishops.

This should not be surprising if even the important President of the German Bishops' Conference, Reinhard Cardinal Marx, Archbishop of Munich-Freising, manages to be on the wrong side of all the controversial issues. Whether as a Luther reveler, Karl Marx admirer, homosexuals, adultery-enabler, a hater of the cross in public spaces, migration funders ...

He who has such bishops no longer needs enemies.

If things were done rightly, Pope Francis would have to find the world's most remote monastery for certain church hierarchies and banish them there with a strict fast and penance order - perhaps for life.

Instead, they sit wide and powerful on their throne and deconstruct like the demiltion squad the remainder of the Church. In addition, everything is financed with Church contributions. And if it were not fitting for Rome, the threat seems to come through behind closed doors, it will be done just like Dr. Martin Luther did, and with all the benefices of the Church. Everything that is not nailed down, goes with it. Especially the Church tax. From history, one learns above all the refinement of negative things: In the German-speaking world, too, the state has in the past 500 years already gained some experience with the expropriation of Church property.

It also demands that those bishops, priests, religious and faithful, who wish to remain faithful to Christ and the truth entrusted to him by the Church, organize themselves - completely without illusions, but also unwavering.  Because Christ’s promise that the Church can not be destroyed, is for them. The promise does not apply to peoples and states. What the future will bring can not be said in terms of a policy that is not determined by believing Christians. The promise of Christ, however, is quite independent of it.

Text: Martha Burger
Image: Die Zeit / Oberösterreichische Nachrichten (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

A Tale of Two Clergypersons

Edit: as noted earlier by Novus Ordo Watch, Archbishop Gänswein was a gatekeeper and approved of this non-sense. Father West has also still not taken his post down.

Edit: remember when Bishop Rogelio Plano was arbitrarily dismissed and had the door slammed on his face when he came to Rome shortly after to ask why, and died shortly after?  It was clear to us then that it had to do with him calling out one of his fellow bishops and accusing him of being an aberrosexual, as well as being a victim of his own success, growing more vocations in this seminary than all the rest combined. Even the Vatican admitted it had nothing to do with accused predator, Carlos Urrutigoity.  Now, we have a similar situation where another conservative priest is taking a stand against the post-Conciliar behemoth.  I think we know how this one will turn out. If it hasn’t happened already, expect a concerted attack from the usual creatures of the USCCB on Father Peter West, President of Human Life International, in the social media. Father West has a large following on Facebook himself. This won’t end well.

Here is Father James Martin, the Jesuit who had a hand in planning the blasphemous Met Gayla, with Cardinal Dolan. We expect he will go far in today’s Vatican with its aberrosexual meth parties. It’s certainly a Vatican which increasingly appreciates and extols these kinds of histrionic and blasphemous invasions of the world on the things of the divine.


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

American Bishop Wants New Conclave

Monsignor Rene Gracida, 94, the retired bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas, has again expressed his conviction that Francis’ election was invalid.

Talking to 6), Gracida said that he encourages “the validly appointed Cardinals” [before the conclave 2013] to elect another pope.

Gracida argues that the conspiracy of the so called St Gallen mafia is violating the provisions of John Paul II and making the election of Jorge Bergoglio invalid.

Gracida believes that some cardinals should silently and discretely move to hold a conclave.


Belgium’s ISLAM Party Set to Make Significant Gains in Elections

Redouane Ahrouch, President of the ISLAM Party

(Brussels) "Whichever way you look at it: where Islam exists, it will decide," said Corrispondenza Romana in connection with an incident in a program on the French-speaking Belgian television station RTL. Another indication of the ongoing Islamization.

In the direct transmission of the program C'est pas tous les jours dimanche, the President of the Islamic party ISLAM was a guest. Redouane Ahrouch refused, in amazement, to moderator Emmanuelle Praet, who interviewed him, to shake hands, or even look at her. The repellent attitude was justified by the Islamic party leader with the female gender of the journalist.

Green Belgium, green, the color of Islam.

"I can not violate the values ​​and commandments of my faith," said Ahrouch, after he was made aware that his behavior showed a lack of respect for the presenter and in general for women.

When the spotlights and the cameras were switched off after the show, the visibly outraged journalist said she had never felt so "humiliated and offended" in her life. Redouane Ahrouch did not respond to the indignation of Emmanuelle Praet.

Currently, his party has municipal representatives in two cities in the Brussels region, specifically in Anderlecht (120,000 inhabitants) and Molenbeek (100,000 inhabitants). Both places are strongly Islamised. In Molenbeek in 2015, 41.2 percent of the inhabitants were Muslims (see 2015 Islamic Map of Belgium . Entire neighborhoods are considered "Islamic controlled". In the entry "Molenbeek" of the French edition of Wikipedia, it reads that contemporary personalities are exclusively Muslims. Anderlecht, a Flemish place, with claims to historic figures like Pope Hadrian VI. and Erasmus of Rotterdam,  had a Muslim share of 30.2 percent. In Brussels, it was already 31 percent three years ago. The trend is rising rapidly everywhere.

In Brussels and the surrounding communities and other Islamic strongholds, including Farciennes with 29 percent Muslims, Ahrouch's party ISLAM will participate in the local elections this fall. Overall, the Islamic party will run in 30 communities in Belgium with the highest proportion of Muslims. Ahrouch considers their chances are good.

Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Romana (screenshots
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.con

Green Minister-President Kretschman Ridicules Söder Over Crucifix Legislation

Baden-Württemberg Green  Minister-President Kretschmann (ZdK member): "I had to think of vampire films - as if someone wanted to fend off almost  any danger with the threateningly raised crucifix."

Stuttgart ( The Minister-President of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, has ridiculed the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) in the debate over the crosses in Bavarian state offices. Talking to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung," Kretschmann said that he felt the photo of Söder with a cross in his hand "bizarre": "I had to think of vampire movies - as if someone wanted to fend off any danger with the almost threatening crucifix any danger." Kretschmann added that such arrangements were not “one Iota Christian.”

Kretschmann is a politician of the Greens and member of the [Evil] Central Committee of German Catholics. He governs in Baden-Württemberg with a coalition of the Greens with the CDU.

Trans: Tancred

Pope Appears on Stage at Cult “Mass” with Convicted Pedophile

[Pacific Daily News] Nearly two months after the Vatican announced he had been convicted in a canonical trial, former Archbishop Anthony Apuron was seated near Pope Francis on a stage in Rome during Saturday's 50th anniversary of the founding of the Neocatechumenal Way.

 Apuron is part of the Neocatechumenal Way, which he welcomed to Guam in the mid-1990s, and whose practices are sometimes at odds with traditional Catholic teachings, beliefs and practices. 

 Apuron found guilty 

 Apuron was found guilty of unspecified accusations in a canonical trial that included allegations that he sexually abused children, based on a March 16 announcement from the Vatican.


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